Brother recreates exact cake from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for sister’s birthday: 'It even has the candles'


A former Disney employee celebrating her 26th birthday in quarantine received a magical surprise from her brother that was truly fit for a princess.

Brittany Hardy, a New York native who previously worked as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Walt Disney World in Florida, took to Twitter to share photos of her birthday cake, which her brother, artist Brandon Hardy, crafted to look just like the lopsided one made by Princess Aurora’s fairy godmother Fauna in “Sleeping Beauty.”

The stunning design quickly amassed over 700,000 likes and tons of replies, both admiring Brandon’s baking prowess and wishing their own siblings would be this thoughtful.

“That’s awesome,” one user wrote. “It even has the candles sliding down the broom handle!”

“My brother doesn’t [even] wish me happy birthday…we’re twins,” joked another.

It’s no surprise that the intricate cake — which Hardy said tasted “delicious,” for the record — turned out so beautifully. Her brother works as an artist making props and sets for Broadway shows and television sets.

Brandon later explained on Instagram that a bit of “light engineering” allowed him to bring the cinematic treat to life.

“Yesterday was @brittanysofty’s birthday and I knew she’s always loved the Cake the Fairies make in Sleeping Beauty, so I did some engineering and finally figured out how to make it for her,” he wrote. “I had to make the broom by hand using things lying around the house because I couldn’t find one the right size or style.”

“I ran into more issues than I care to admit and it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d planned, but in the end it worked and it’s still standing!” he added.

Hardy later took to her own Instagram to share a heartfelt thanks for all the kind wishes she’d received on her big day.

“26 isn’t exactly starting as I had anticipated, but it did result in me receiving the Sleeping Beauty birthday cake of my dreams,” she wrote. “Feeling extra grateful for every call, text, dessert, and drive-by serenade. Stay healthy, friends.”

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