Female entrepreneur’s online food business thrives during Ramadan

Ramadan has begun but Karachi locals are staying in.

Zareen Khan, a 29-year-old with an online food business, is taking advantage of the mandated restaurant closures throughout Pakistan, Associated Press reports. Hungry shoppers are looking for available food options — especially for Iftar, the meal that’s eaten after sunset to break the day’s fast.

Khan uses social media to commission orders of her homemade Burmese, Gujarati and other Pakistani staples. Once an order is placed a delivery driver transports the items.

“We offer frozen items, including spring rolls, samosas, which are basic food items used in breaking the fast (Ramadan), while I offer Lazania, Khawsays, and Khamand, it is Gujarati food. I get to order one day before due to the lockdown, so I can purchase stuff for my online orders,” Khan told the Associated Press.

Khan hopes to open her own restaurant someday. In the meantime, she finds social media to be a satisfactory way to build her clientele and advertise her services.

“Social media is an opportunity as one can make contact with every person in town,” Khan said. “You can use Instagram, you can do all things by yourself. You do not need to have any paid bloggers for your work. Use the normal phone, get pics and advertise your work. Share feedback so people can approach you and you will be able to do more orders.”

The need for delivery is not just a matter of convenience. According to Rozeena Ghazali, one of Khan’s customers, it’s a matter of climate.

“I ordered Khawsay (traditional food) as today I have no time to cook food myself because of a hectic schedule,” Ghazali said. “Secondly, it is the advent of Ramadan amid humid weather, it is very convenient, if you don’t want to cook anything, you can place your order online.”

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