This baby sea turtle going for its first swim is the most adorable thing you'll see today

This Brazilian baby turtle going for a swim just months after an oil spill will melt even the coldest of hearts.

The Biota Conservation Institute shared the adorable clip on their Instagram account a couple of months after crude oil was discovered at Coruripe beach.

Founded in 2009 in Brazil, the Biota Conservation Institute’s mission is to conserve sea mammals and marine ecosystems through various projects, environmental awareness actions and public policy.

One of these projects focused on protecting turtles on the north coast of the city of Maceió, where Coruripe Beach is located, because it’s a known spot for sea turtles to lay their eggs.

In October 2019, a few months before the Biota Conservation Institute posted the video of the baby sea turtle, wildlife was threatened in that area after crude oil started washing up on the shores. It was the biggest environmental disaster Brazil has ever faced.

After relocating hundreds of baby turtles, scientists, volunteers, and marine biologists were able to clean up and make the water safe enough for little sea turtles to swim in again.

The story makes the Institute’s Instagram video all the more inspiring. Now it has over 17,000 views and encouraging messages in the comments.

“Oh my god, it’s so cute,” one Instagram user commented.

“My god, what a beautiful life,” another said.

“How could you not love?” A different user replied.

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