McDonald’s swarmed by herd of sheep amid temporary closures: ‘Quite amazing to see’


McDonald’s has temporarily closed all of its restaurants in the U.K., but that fact didn’t seem to deter one group of eager customers.

It probably helped that those eager patrons were actually a flock of sheep. The animals were caught loitering around a vacant McDonald’s in Ebbw Vale, Wales, on April 18, according to ITV.

The sheep were discovered by Andrew Thomas, who drove by the restaurant and snapped a photo, which he later shared on Facebook.

“Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald’s withdrawals,” Thomas joked in his post.

Thomas told Wales Online that while he’s never seen sheep at a McDonald’s before, it’s common to see them wandering the town. And in the wake of the global health crisis, the animals have been taking over public spaces across the region.

Earlier this month, a flock of sheep was caught on camera playing in a deserted playground in Raglan, Wales, according to Wales Online. That flock, which belonged to a nearby farm, had started wandering further from their home after the U.K.’s stay-at-home orders were put in place, the farm’s owner, Gareth Williams said.

“I was quite shocked when I saw them on the roundabout, we don’t usually have them down here so it was quite amazing to see,” he told Wales Online.

It’s not just sheep either. In March, a group of goats took over the small town of Llandudno, Wales, showing up in several Twitter videos recorded throughout the area.

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