Reporter forgets to check background before broadcasting live: 'When you see it...'

Working from home has caused some workday issues that would never occur in a regular office.

From a shirtless dad interrupting his daughter’s recording to a radio host forgetting about his computer camera and revealing he had sat through a meeting without any pants on, adjusting to a quarantined lifestyle has proven to be a bumpy transition.

And a TV reporter in Sacramento, Calif. has now introduced a whole new issue that likey no one had considered.

Melinda Meza, like many journalists, has had to film and broadcast her reports live from her house because of mandated lockdown.

On April 19, she was conducting a segment on how to cut your own hair at home when some viewers noticed something in the reflection of her mirror.

Meza’s husband was taking a shower.

Whether this was a result of poor planning (why was he taking a shower while she was broadcasting to the entire Sacramento area?) or Meza incorrectly thinking she was in the clear because she was on the opposite side of the bathroom, Twitter, of course, caught the blunder and had a field day.

Twitter user @NotJohnPrager found the clip on YouTube. A reply to the video speculated that someone in the control room noticed Meza’s husband before she could, and was instructing her to end the segment as fast as possible.

But most people responding to the gaffe seemed a little too thankful this happened — and not just because it was a funny moment to lighten up the day.

“Damn why she wanna work when she’s got all that home?” one user joked in response.

“Honestly girl, lucky you,” someone else replied.

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