Twitter loses it over Obama label in new documentary: 'I damn near fainted'


You may know Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States and the first Black president in U.S. history. Before that, maybe you knew him as an Illinois senator or even a Harvard Law grad.

But before that? He lived in Chicago, which is the accolade by he was introduced in an episode of “The Last Dance,” a 2020 sports documentary miniseries focusing on Michael Jordan and the 1997–98 Chicago Bulls as the team attempted to capture its sixth NBA title of the decade.

To be fair, Obama has always been vocal about his love for the Windy City, where he lived for many years and where he met his beloved wife, future first lady Michelle Obama.

And, in relation to the story being told in “The Last Dance,” Obama’s role as a Chicagoan is, truthfully, more important than his role as former Commander in Chief. (As CBS Sports points out, he was not president when Jordan played for the Bulls, but he did live in Chicago during that time and is a huge fan of the team.)

But reasons be damned, Twitter is having a field day over the classification, which many people found to be quite jarring.

Former President Bill Clinton notably received the same treatment in the documentary. His title, “former Arkansas governor,” also reflects his position when MJ played for the Bulls, rather than his highest position of power.

If you enjoyed this story, read more about Michael Jordan’s documentary.

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