Resourceful stranded kayaker comes up with 'insane' way to get helicopter's attention: 'Like something out a movie'

In what looks like a scene from “Castaway,” a stranded kayaker got the attention of the NYPD Special Operations team by spelling “HELP” with some sticks.

On April 17, the Special Ops team posted a video of the rescue to its Twitter page. According to the post, the savvy, stranded man was missing for over 12 hours before a helicopter noticed both his sign and a fire that he had started.

Thankfully, the kayaker was uninjured and unharmed when he was found on a remote island in Jamaica Bay, Queens.

On Twitter, people applauded the man’s creativity and thanked the NYPD for a job well done.

“Wow! Insane! Like something out a movie!” one user wrote. “Great job!”

“Survival skills put to use,” another person added.

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