Woman gives birth to twins 26 days after having her first child: ‘We were shocked’


A Bangladeshi woman has given birth to twins less than a month after delivering another child.

Arifa Sultana, the 20-year-old mother, originally gave birth to a premature baby boy in February 2019, according to LadBible. But during the following month she was rushed to the hospital with pain in her stomach.

That’s when doctors realized Sultana, to her surprise, was also pregnant with twins. They performed a C-section and delivered twins — a boy and a girl — just 26 days after Sultana had given birth the first time.

“We were very shocked and surprised,” Dr. Sheila Poddar, who performed the C-section, told the BBC. “I have never observed something like this before.”

Sultana’s situation might sound impossible, but it’s actually the result of a rare condition called uterine didelphys. The condition, which occurs in nearly one of every 2,000 women, causes women to develop a second uterus.

However, uterine didelphys often isn’t spotted until a woman is pregnant, and even then the second uterus can get missed. That’s what apparently happened in Sultana’s case, with doctors saying she may not have had access to proper scanning tools while she was pregnant.

“If you go for a scan beforehand it would be very obvious to see two sets of uteruses. But obviously they are from a more rural area,” Dr. Christopher Ng with the GynaeMD Clinic told the BBC.

The condition can reportedly cause fertility issues and pregnancy complications, but thankfully Sultana and all three of her children are healthy.

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