Vet's unorthodox way of eating fruit is disorienting to watch: 'That's not how you do it'


To become a vet in the U.S., you need to earn a bachelor’s degree and then apply for another four-year program before passing a licensing exam and taking on a one-year internship under a vet tech. Overall, it takes an average of nine years to become a vet — if you’re in the 10 to 15 percent of applicants who get in.

With all of this in mind, this TikTok of a vet eating an entire orange like an apple (peel and all) is absolutely baffling.

Dr. Jeff Smith has been a practicing vet for 25 years and even owns his own practice, Danville Family Vet. He seems to be extremely qualified to take care of animals and possibly is only qualified to take care of animals.

One of Dr. Smith’s employees thought it would be funny to film him for the Danville Family TikTok during their lunch break because she caught him washing his unpeeled orange with soap and water.

But then, there was a twist nobody could’ve anticipated.

Dr. Smith proceeded to bite into the unpeeled orange as if it were an apple. He ate a whole orange without batting an eye and almost seemed to be enjoying the experience.

Orange peels are not poisonous but are so bitter that they might as well taste like they are. They can be difficult to digest, but overall the orange peel is healthier than the orange slices inside. It contains a ton of vitamin C and fiber and flavonoids, which are known to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

But this TikTok proposes a deeper question — one that Dr. Smith asks directly into the camera.

“Dr. Smith, that’s not how you do it,” one employee insists after Dr. Smith takes another cursed bite.

“Who decides how you do it?” Dr. Smith responds, unintentionally triggering a philosophical debate in the comments over who really decides how we as a society eat oranges.

Are we mindless sheep for peeling the orange before eating? Should we be utilizing our one and only life and indulge ourselves with the health benefits of eating the peel too? Has Dr. Smith created a glitch in the simulation?

“You decide how to live your life. If people think you are weird or different, just let it roll off your back and go on living your life,” Dr. Smith wisely told BuzzFeed. It is a particularly poetic defense to eating an unpeeled orange like an apple.

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