First Nations teens are sharing knowledge of Indigenous culture on TikTok

Maybe TikTok isn’t entirely cursed after all.

A group of First Nations TikTok users are gaining notoriety for using the platform to spread information about their culture, as well as inspire younger generations to want to learn more.

One of these popular TikTokers is 17-year-old Larissa Munch who has over 31,000 followers on the app. Munch is Carrier and Nehiyaw, from Nazko First Nation in B.C.

Munch’s most popular video is captioned “How I get ready for powwow” and has almost two million views. Powwows are gatherings where Indigenous people meet to dance, sing, socialize and celebrate their cultures.

The TikTok shows Munch changing from high-waisted jeans into her traditional regalia, all while singing along to a song from the Nickelodeon show “Victorious.”

“Indigenous youth use TikTok a lot; I know a lot of my cousins do,” Munch told CBC. “People have been contacting me and they will ask me about their culture because they were never taught it, so I’ve been trying to help them.”

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