Tim Tebow used his Easter sermon to deliver the perfect Jets joke


Tim Tebow didn’t let an Easter sermon get in the way of a good New York Jets joke.

Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy winner who made the jump to minor league baseball after a brief stint in the NFL, gave a sermon on Sunday for the Passion City Church in Atlanta . It’s something the devout Christian has done plenty of times in his lifetime.

In the process, he took a playful shot at his former team.

“What we are talking about is the greatest trade in the history of the world,” Tebow said. “There have been some really big trades. The Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for $100,000. How’s that for a trade? Wayne Gretzky was traded for a couple of scrubs. How’s that for a trade?

“I got traded to the Jets. How’s that for a trade? That didn’t workout for anybody. When’s the last time a Jets trade worked out?”

Tebow, after two seasons with the Denver Broncos, spent one year with the Jets in 2012. He rarely saw the field, going 6-of-8 for 39 yards in 12 games. He played a little as a fullback and tight end, too, and recored 102 yards on 32 carries.

The former Florida standout tried a few more times to find a home in the league before jumping ship to become a college football analyst at ESPN and try his hand at baseball, where he has spent the past three seasons in the minors with the New York Mets.

It’s easy to see why Tebow — and NFL fans everywhere — made fun of the Jets. Not only did his time there not go well, but the team has posted just one winning record in the past nine years and hasn’t made the postseason since 2011.

Tebow followed up his Jets joke with the message that accepting Jesus is “the greatest trade in the history of the world.” If making a Jets joke doesn’t get that point across, who knows what will.

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