This hyperrealistic sculpture is one pillow you'll regret sleeping on

This hyperrealistic sculpture is one pillow you'll regret sleeping on

As soft and luxurious as this pillow looks, hopping into bed and laying your head down on it will probably give you a headache.

Norwegian sculptor Håkon Anton Fagerås is renowned for his hyperrealistic and beautiful marble sculptures. Using a pneumatic hammer and other carving tools, Fagerås is able to shape blocks of marble into large white pillows, with smooth folds and wrinkles that make them look like they couldn't be made out of anything other than fabric and filler.

In an interview with Sculpture Atelier, Fagerås explained the thinking behind his process.

"I think that my main focus is to create an atmosphere, a sensation, more than a literal representation of something that expresses, for instance, fragility," he said.

Fagerås's process starts with him brainstorming ideas through various pencil drawings. Once he has a vision of what he'd like to sculpt, he makes a small-scale sculpture. Typically for human sculptures or busts, he'll do another half-size sculpture before moving to marble.

When he works with marble, Fagerås said that listening to music is impossible. He'll listen to jazz while working with clay, but marble sculpting makes too much noise. Compared to other carvers, Fagerås loves to use really sharp chisels with wider sizes.

"Patience is really, really crucial," Fagerås continued. "And a marble sculpture — like the one I’m doing now — will just get better if I work another week. So that can be a little bit discouraging at times because, well another day, another week on this one ... it can be quite tiresome."

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