'Trump is a joke:' Former head of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean

Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean says “most governors believe the president's incompetent,” referring to the recent controversy between President Trump and some governors over who has the authority to reopen states.

“Our governors in general, both parties are competent, qualified people,” Dean told Yahoo Finance’s Yfi PM. “I think most governors aren't going to pay any attention to him. They're going to do what they have to do because governors are acting with science in mind, not hocus-pocus and BS from the White House.”

Earlier this week the president said he had total authority over when states lift restrictions. In a tweet on Tuesday referencing Democratic governors, Trump compared himself to the villain captain of the classic movie ‘Mutiny on the Bounty.’ He later walked back claims of authority during daily briefing.

”Trump is a joke,” said Dean, who chaired the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009. “So he can say whatever he wants. I bet he's never seen ‘Mutiny on the Bounty,’ any more than he's ever read the Bible or the Constitution of the United States.”

‘Biden.. has unified the Democratic Party behind him’

On Monday, former rival Senator Bernie Sanders appeared in a side-by-side live stream and publicly endorsed Biden. Sanders’ backing came less than a week after ending his own presidential campaign. On Tuesday, former president Barack Obama endorsed Biden, who served as Obama’s vice president.

“Biden has now, I think it's fair to say that because of what Sanders did and what Obama has done now, has unified the Democratic Party behind him. That's very important. It's very early for him to do that. That's unusual,” said Dean.

‘A lot of people who give small donations, are going to lose their jobs’

Fundraising for the upcoming election is likely to be a challenge as Americans are losing their jobs, said Dean.

“A lot of people who give small donations, are going to lose their jobs and many of them already have lost their jobs,” said Dean. “So that the young idealistic people who might maybe get $5 every couple of weeks, which really adds up as Bernie showed, that donor sector is going to be a problem.”

During his campaign, Sanders had built a network of small-donor donors across a range of occupations who donated again and again.

As for Biden’s running mate, Dean says someone from the Midwest could help capture voters in the middle of the country. And a strong turnout from several key demographics will be crucial for Democrats.

“We've got to get young people out. We have to get people of color out, and we have to get women out. And so I think Joe has got to consider that, as he picks his running mate.”

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