Marcus Stroman wants to fight disgraced NASCAR driver Kyle Larson for charity: 'He needs his ass beat'

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman wants to fight disgraced NASCAR driver Kyle Larson ... but for a good cause. Upon learning Larson used a racial slur while streaming a virtual race, Stroman challenged Larson to a UFC fight for charity.

Stroman said Larson should not be allowed to race again. Stroman also added that Larson, “Needs his ass beat.”

Larson, 27, took part in a virtual race with 60 other drivers Sunday. During the virtual race, Larson used the slur while on stream. The following day, Larson was suspended by Chip Ganassi Racing without pay. NASCAR said Larson would have to attend diversity training following the incident.

A day after suspending Larson, Chip Ganassi Racing decided to fire him. In a statement, the team said it “was the only appropriate course of action to take.”

Larson apologized for his actions, saying he never should have used that word. The fact that Larson drove the No. 42 car wasn’t lost on Stroman, who also called Larson a “disgrace to Jackie Robinson.”

Stroman wasn’t the only Major League Baseball player to call out Larson. Adam Jones and Preston Wilson also called out Larson.

It’s unclear whether Stroman, 28, will get his wish. With sports currently on hiatus as a result of the coronavirus, the chance of a fight happening any time soon isn’t likely. Once UFC is cleared to continue operating as normal, it’s tough to imagine Larson would accept the challenge. Larson is likely going to try and distance himself from this incident as much as possible.

Whether Larson can actually do that seems unlikely. Dropping a racial slur in front of a large group of people in a public setting isn’t something a person can erase.

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