Disney’s ‘creepy’ movie edit draws criticism online: ‘We live in prude times’

A Twitter user is going viral after catching an unusual change in the Disney version of a classic rom-com.

The eagle-eyed viewer, Allison Pregler, shared her discovery after watching the Disney Plus version of the 1984 movie “Splash.” The film stars Tom Hanks as a man who falls in love with a woman, played by Daryl Hannah, who is secretly a mermaid.

In one scene, Hannah’s character runs away from Hanks and returns to the sea, revealing her bare backside as she enters the water. However, in the Disney Plus version, viewers see something notably different.

“Disney+ didn’t want butts on their platform so they edited Splash with digital fur technology,” Pregler wrote of the scene.

Pregler’s tweet shows that in the Disney Plus version, Hannah’s hair is digitally edited so it appears to cover her entire backside.

The clip spawned a wave of reactions from Twitter users. Many called the changes to the movie, which is originally rated PG, overly “prude.”

“There comes a point when nudity censorship crosses a line into creepy prudishness, this is it,” one user wrote.

“We live in prude times,” another added.

“I don’t understand why this needed to be changed?” another asked.

Disney confirmed to CNN that it has edited the movie, although the company didn’t specify what other scenes may have been changed. This isn’t the first time the brand has changed a film on its platforms either — in March, several TikTok users noticed that a segment of the animated movie “Lilo and Stitch” had also been edited for Disney Plus.

Meanwhile, fans of “The Bachelor” — which airs on the Disney-owned channel ABC — noticed an unusual method for editing bikinis during the show’s most recent season.

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