Diners on Cambodian river cruise duck to avoid colliding with low bridge


Kampot is a city in southern Cambodia and an up-and-coming tourist destination. River cruises, like floating bars and restaurants, are one of the many attractions in the area, but they do come with one disclaimer: watch your head.

In the clip above, a group of diners enjoying a meal on a restaurant boat can be seen ducking for cover to avoid being crushed by a low bridge.

You can hear the passengers’ laughter and chuckles in the video — they don’t sound upset at all about the unique and somewhat terrifying experience.

Kampot river cruises are a staple of the area, typically located 30 miles from Kampot Fish Market. The boats are usually enjoyed by locals, foreign expats and tourists who prefer a more laid-back experience.

“Kampot town is better known for its calm, local style living that winds down when the sun sets, putting off many younger tourists from visiting who become most active after dark,” according to The Phnom Penh Post.

The river cruises take passengers to see the sunset, mountains, watch fireflies and have a drink. The low bridges and clearances tend to be a departure from the mostly calming experience.

The Kampot river cruises might be a worthy addition to anyone’s bucket list. According to the travel blog Nothing Familiar, Kampot has plenty of other attractions, including a night market, pepper fields and Bokor National Park.

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