Tom Brady has reportedly filed for two trademarks: 'Tompa Bay' and 'Tampa Brady'


Tom Brady might have more trademarks than career passing touchdowns.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback seems to want to lock up any nickname or pun on his name that could make money. And he has added two doozies.

According to Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer who has broken other news on Brady-related trademark news, Brady has filed for the trademark rights to “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady.”

Yes, feel free to roll your eyes.

‘Tompa Bay’

Gerben found the trademark filings from April 6, which said Brady’s company planned to use the terms to sell merchandise.

So if you’ve ever wanted a T-shirt with a bad pun on Brady’s name, you might soon be in luck.

Tom Brady has other trademarks

There was a hullaballoo last year over Brady trying to trademark “Tom Terrific,” a nickname for former MLB great Tom Seaver. Brady was denied.

Presumably, nobody is going to give him much pushback over “Tompa Bay.”

It makes sense why Brady would protect certain phrases and terms playing off his name. It’s his name and likeness and he should be able to own all aspects of it. Even the corny puns.

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