This social media star is leveraging her platform to save the environment

Since former personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd parted ways with Kim Kardashian, the social media influencer has leveraged her large following to bring attention to causes she’s most passionate about. For the past couple of years, for example, she has served as a strategic advisor to Khana, a nonprofit that currently provides essential feminine hygiene products to girls in Uganda. Alongside Max Moinian, she also co-founded Future Earth, a digital climate education platform.

“There’s just a yearning for change and for realness,” she told In The Know. “Because everything is so digital, there’s almost this desire to go back to the simplicity of taking care of the planet, the Earth.”

Currently, Future Earth’s Instagram account has nearly 50,000 followers. The page shares resources that people can refer to, should they want to educate themselves on issues like climate change. One post, for example, contains a list of documentaries on the matter.

Another has a list of recommended podcasts.

Shepherd said that she and Moinan started the platform because they felt “there was a desire for information and not everyone knows where to get it.” The purpose of Future Earth, she added, is to help people make informed decisions that not only better their own lives but the planet as well.

“Future Earth is an attempt to rebrand climate advocacy,” she explained to Forbes in a January interview. “People want to get involved, but many of us don’t fully understand the problem — much less how we can be a part of the solution. We desperately need to modify not just what we’re saying about climate change, but how we’re saying it.”

To that end, Shepherd — who has worked with environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore — has planned a number of activations this year intended to get people away from their computers and involved in community projects (such as planting trees).

“It’s really nice to see young people coming together for a common goal,” she told In The Know. “I think, to everyone, [climate change] should be the most important crisis of our lifetime.”

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