Man uses $900 savings to buy gas for nurses: 'This was a better way to spend the money'

A Detroit man has gone above and beyond to make sure healthcare workers are taken care of as they treat patients during the global health crisis, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Allen Marshall had originally planned on spending the $900 he had saved on a knife sharpening tool. Since April 1, however, he has instead been using the money to buy fuel for nurses at an Exxon gas station.

“With all that is going on with the coronavirus, I wanted to thank the essential workers the best way that I can,” he told the newspaper. “I really don’t need that tool and thought this was a better way to spend the money.”

For several days, Marshall, a retired automotive designer, has reportedly been dropping his wife — an essential worker at a nearby Blue Cross Blue Shield — off at her job and then going to the gas station with a sign that reads “Free Gas For Nurses.”

On his first day, Marshall said served about 25 people, paying between $7 and $35 per car.

“I … paid for gas for a nurse who works at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor,” he said. “He was on his way home from work and said he was happy to get off the exit ramp and receive free gas. Emotionally, there is no one there to thank them at work and this gesture helped him.”

Marshall, who said he planned on paying for the gas until the money runs out, has since inspired other people in the community to chip in. One woman, only identified as Alana, told WDTV that she came across Marshall’s story and wanted to help out because her nephew is a nurse.

“It just kills me every day to know that he’s going to work,” she said of her nephew. “I don’t know if he could get sick or what’s going to happen. “They’re heroes and we need to do what we can to support them.”

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