ESPN's Katie Nolan creates incredible chat of sports, TV stars with Zoom challenge


It’s six degrees of separation, quarantine style.

In a time where people are sitting around their houses, filling their schedules with random video chats both for business and fun, ESPN’s Katie Nolan had an idea for her “Always Late with Katie Nolan” show.

Nolan is hosting via Zoom this week and initially had the idea to sit in the chat alone and send out the invite link to see who would join her. But the video calling app has experienced hacking and security breaches, so Nolan switched the plan.

She brought on fellow ESPNers Mina Kimes, Mike Ryan, Mike Golic Jr., Amin Elhassan and Pablo S. Torre to play the game. Each sent out the same text asking their famous friends to jump on the Zoom call. There were no follow up answers allowed.

It ballooned from there.

Early on a participant asked how to know who won.

That would be all of us. The group brought in Jaleel White (Urkel on “Family Matters”), Mike Schur (“The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “The Good Place”) and Lin-Manuel Miranda. In the sports world, Dwyane Wade, Clayton Kershaw, Kendrick Perkins and Mark Sanchez “The Quarterback” highlighted the clip.

All of that in one chat? Incredible.

Mina Kimes, journalist & Katie Nolan, from ESPN, presents at the Hashtag Sports event at The Times Center on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 in New York. (Ann-Sophie Fjello-Jensen/AP Images for Hashtag Sports)
Katie Nolan and Mina Kimes competed with fellow ESPNers to see who could get the most famous person in a Zoom chat. (Ann-Sophie Fjello-Jensen/AP Images for Hashtag Sports)

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