This small caddy can lift entire semi-trailers up to 100,000 pounds


The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor is a low-cost solution for distribution centers that need to move heavy trailers. Designed to shunt semi-trailers, the small but mighty tractor can move up to 100,000 pounds. While shunt trucks can cost over $100,000 without the required annual maintenance, the tractor is a quarter of the price and requires very little upkeep, according to its manufacturer DJ Products. More importantly, the tractor is safe, the company notes.

“It reduces the risk of accidents, injuries and damage by shunting trailers safely in and out of tight loading docks doors,” DJ Products explains on its website. “Our wagon-wheel steering mechanism allows for exceptional maneuverability, small corrections and precise turns. With the TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor, the operator walks alongside the unit at a slower, more controlled pace.”

Shunting trailers without the use of the TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor can be particularly dangerous — workers must constantly look over their shoulders while backing up and must crawl in and out of tractor cabs. Because the tractor allows its operator to shunt trailers while they face forward, it eliminates some of the on-the-job risks.

The best part? The tractor doesn’t require a special license like a shunt truck does.

“Because it is battery powered, safe, and easy to use, our TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor can be operated by a broad range of employees with minimal training, and no requirement for annual licensing,” DJ Products claims.

Watch the clip above, as a worker shunts a massive semi-trailer with ease using nothing but the tractor.

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