Regular Google Hangout meeting takes a mortifying twist: 'I can see you!'


Arguably the ultimate perk of working from home and holding video chat meetings is how you dress. For a conference call that only shows your top half, you don’t necessarily need to wear pants or dress up for meetings anymore.

However, some people are flying too close to the sun.

Radio hosts for Portland’s country station, 98.7 The Bull, were concluding a typical Google Hangout call when one of the attendees made a viral mistake.

Tony Russell, Mojoe Roberts, Danny Dwyer and Jenn Hayes were all signing off on their call when Russell got up from his desk, seemingly assuming that another coworker was going to end the video conference. Instead, Roberts, Dwyer and Hayes widened their eyes and burst out laughing as they witnessed Russell’s post-meeting routine of wandering around his apartment and stretching in his underwear.

Hayes tries to remedy the situation, calling out: “Tony! Tony!” but Russell doesn’t seem to hear her.

“Jenn, call him,” Roberts is barely able to say as he continues laughing at his barely dressed coworker.

As Roberts takes a couple photos on his phone, Hayes gets ahold of Russell on his cell phone.

“TONY, I CAN SEE YOU IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!” Hayes shouts into the phone.

Russell turns to look back at his computer and finally sees that his three coworkers are still on the call watching him. He then sprints out of the camera’s view.

98.7 The Bull’s YouTube channel only has around 50,000 subscribers, but the video of the mishap racked up over 887,000 views. Russell posted a follow-up video titled “Don’t Forget to Wear Pants!

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