Jameis Winston views getting replaced by Tom Brady as a positive: 'I guess that's kudos to me'


Jameis Winston isn’t upset the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Tom Brady. Quite the contrary, actually. Winston views being replaced by Brady as a positive.

Winston, 26, made those comments while appearing on Fox News on Wednesday. Winston was on the network promoting a hotline he created with Dr. Scott Kelley, which was aimed at answering questions about coronavirus.

While the interview focused on the hotline, Winston was also asked a question about being replaced by Brady. Winston responded with an optimistic answer, according to TMZ.

"For you to get replaced by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much, I guess that's kudos to me," Winston said Wednesday morning on Fox News.

Winston’s argument seems to center around the idea that Brady is the G.O.A.T. If Winston was replaced by the greatest of all time, Winston has nothing to be upset about.

Jameis Winston focused on finding a team in 2020

While there’s some logic to Winston’s statement, it’s also true that the Bucs felt no need to re-sign the former No. 1 overall pick. It also says something that Winston hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Yes, the coronavirus had made it difficult for some players to find new clubs, but the elite talent still got signed despite those challenges.

Winston — who has thrown 121 touchdowns against 88 interceptions over his five seasons in the NFL — is likely looking for another opportunity to start. His decision could be easier after the NFL draft, which is still slated to take place in April. It’s possible Winston will lock on with a team who missed out on an elite quarterback.

Jameis Winston has no hard feelings for Tampa Bay

Despite being released by the Bucs, Winston has no hard feelings toward the team. Winston said he had “all love and respect” for the franchise.

While Winston could have trashed the organization on the way out, he opted for the more peaceful path. A number of factors may go into where Winston signs next season, but revenge isn’t going to be one of them.

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