Mesmerizing machines make dessert decorating a piece of cake


Bakers rejoice, this machine company is about to save you a ton of time.

Unifiller Systems designs cake decorating equipment that simplifies the finishing touches on various desserts. Automating the icing and decorating of cakes can be tricky — especially if you want all of the desserts to look uniform in both their quality and taste.

Unifiller’s equipment makes the production much easier. Unifiller has various options for cake decorating and icing machines that can create perfect rosettes, top and bottom bordering and top and side icing. Each machine is set to fully automate the process so that every treat comes out perfect and identical.

As for problems like different batches having different batter and icing consistency, Unifiller’s technology eliminates the issue. Now bakers can quickly finish tons of cakes with a small margin of error.

The footage of the machines at work is mesmerizing, too. Witness for yourself how your favorite grocery store and ice cream shop birthday cakes are made perfect with some programming and a few pieces of machinery.

We wonder how employees can resist not sampling a piece of frosting from time to time.

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