Man's custom Zoom background catches coworkers off guard: 'Inspiring'

As quarantine continues for another week, more and more people are starting to face new problems with having work meetings over Zoom. Between relatives walking awkwardly in the background to not being able to remove a funny filter, there’s a new crop of issues employees have to deal with.

Video producer Dan Crowd took it to the next level. On Twitter, Crowd posted a 14-second clip of his masterpiece: A Zoom background that shows Crowd accidentally walking in on himself. It’s very meta.

Since Crowd posted the video, it has racked up over 4.2 million views and has inspired several hilarious copycats.

“Honestly? I was bored,” Crowd told Mashable. “If I’d known I could get this kind of engagement with five minutes of work, I wouldn’t have tried so hard for the last 12 years.”

Zoom has seen a boom in users since mid-March when quarantining started going into effect and employers were encouraging workers to work from home. Recently, the company has been under scrutiny after users’ personal information was leaked. Prior to that, a lawsuit was filed against Zoom after it was revealed Zoom was sharing data with third-parties (like Facebook) without users’ permission.

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