Rams COO reads mean tweets about new logo after fans raise $2 million: 'Graphic design 101'


The Los Angeles Rams’ new logo received a ... mixed reaction on Twitter. While members of the team offered supportive messages for the new logo, fans ripped it to shreds.

At least one member of the Rams heard those criticisms, and attempted to turn it into a good thing. Chief operating officer Kevin Demoff told fans if they raised over $2 million at the Rams’ virtual telethon to benefit coronavirus relief efforts, Demoff would read 10 mean tweets about the new logo.

The fans got there, raising just over $2 million. Demoff fulfilled his end of the bargain Friday.

Reading mean tweets isn’t a new concept. Jimmy Kimmel has a long-running segment on his show devoted to that. Still, credit to Demoff for trying to make the best of an embarrassing situation.

Did Kevin Demoff really read the meanest tweets?

While some of the tweets Demoff read were funny, they weren’t overly mean. Given that we’re talking about Twitter, you know there were much worse things said about the Rams’ logo that Demoff didn’t read. Some fans pointed that out in Demoff’s mentions, telling him he didn’t even pick the meanest tweets. Others didn’t appreciate Demoff joking about the logo in the first place.

Ultimately, over $2 million was raised, so it’s tough to be overly critical. Still, it sounds like Demoff could raise even more if he promises to read the meanest tweets.

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