LeBron James tried out TikTok and showed off some intense dad energy


LeBron James really misses playing with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s missing basketball in general while the NBA and all sports are shut down amid the global coronavirus pandemic, but he’s not alone. His kids have stepped in to help him pass the time, and make him look ridiculous while doing it.

James, 35, appeared in a TikTok video his son Bryce posted on Friday. He’s doing a popular TikTok dance and clearly having a great time while giving off intense dad energy.

Is there anything more dad-ly than that? James starts off looking embarrassed and waving off the camera, then he starts doing the moves and putting in just a little bit of effort, and by the end he’s way, way into it. It’s the move dads pull anytime they know they’ll look silly while doing something fun. They want to avoid looking silly, but the power of having fun with their kids is just too great.

LeBron definitely knows how silly he looks. He sent this tweet hours before Bryce posted the dance video.

James doesn’t have a TikTok account of his own. After this experience, he probably isn’t any closer to changing that.

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