Real-life vampire couple corrects myths about ‘blood-suckers’: 'We do primarily feed from blood

Think your relationship is complicated? Try being one half of a real-life vampire couple.

Logan and Daley South, the king and queen of the Vampire Court of Austin, both realized they were vampires when they were about 15. Now they run the “town hall” in Austin where vampires come to meet once a month.

While they feel lucky to have found each other and a community that understands them, a lot of outsiders do not understand their lifestyle.

“I’d say the biggest misconceptions are usually, like, ‘Can you bite me and turn me into one?'” Logan told In The Know. “There is no attacking people on the street or running into them in dark alleys. If you meet vampires claiming to do that, turn them into the police.”

While the couple considers themselves to be nocturnal, the sun won’t kill them, despite what myths say. Sunlight gives Logan physical discomfort, but Daley doesn’t mind.

“Logan and I are very opposite in that way,” Daley explained. “I like the idea of being able to go to the beach, being able to go do things. I actually took him to Hawaii one year and we had a great time.”

“Every anniversary, she’s dragging me on cruises,” Logan said.

“I like cruises,” Daley agreed. “They have free food!”

Two vampire stereotypes that the couple does participate in are owning wolves and feeding on blood.

“Logan and I awakened as sanguinary vampires, which means we do primarily feed from blood,” Daley said. “It tastes irony and salty. But I mean, it’s not terrible, it’s just not something that I’m like, ‘Oooh, delicious.'”

Ilona is Logan and Daley’s “donor” and described the “feeding” process as “being thirsty and being given a big drink of water.”

“There’s definitely a difference between being a real vampire and living the vampire lifestyle — we do both,” Daley explained.

“I get these questions all the time from people who are like, ‘Well if you’re a real vampire, why do you wear the fake fangs and the contact lenses?'” Logan said. “People cut their hair a certain way, wear the clothes that they do, all because they want to represent who they are. Why would it be any different for vampires?”

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