Tom Brady's temporary Tampa home? Derek Jeter's 30,000-square foot mansion


It’s not like Tom Brady was going to move his supermodel wife and family into an apartment in Tampa.

Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen, who once lived in a $20 million mansion with a moat in Los Angeles, have found a new home in Tampa. They are moving into the 30,000-square foot mansion of former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Brady recently signed with the Buccaneers.

If you’re counting, there are 11 championship rings between Jeter and Brady. And Jeter’s house is what extreme success on the playing field gets you.

Tom Brady has a new, sprawling Tampa home

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Jeter’s house on Davis Islands has “seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an entertainment room and billiards room that wraps around a pool with two boat lifts providing access to Tampa Bay.” There are also a pair of three-car garages, according to a New York Times story from 2011.

The home was nicknamed “St. Jetersburg.” It’s so big that then-Rays manager Joe Maddon joked that if Jeter sold the property, the Rays could build a stadium there.

During the coronavirus quarantine, Brady can stay in shape for his first Buccaneers season just by walking around the house.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have a new home in Tampa. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have a new home in Tampa. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

Jeter, Brady have Michigan in common

The obvious connection between the Yankees great and Brady is the University of Michigan. Brady played there and Jeter took classes in Ann Arbor and signed a letter of intent to play for the Wolverines, though he instead went pro.

Boston fans have to be reeling. First Brady left the Patriots, and now he’s moving into the house of a Yankees legend.

In the Tampa area, there had been speculation that Brady would move into Jeter’s mansion. There aren’t a lot of obvious options for a superstar quarterback and a world-famous supermodel who have three kids and like to live in opulent luxury.

And now if Buccaneers fans want to know where Brady is, they can’t miss it.

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