Family creates brilliant quarantine spoof of “Les Misérables” song


A British family’s quarantine-adapted cover of a classic “Les Misérables” song has even earned the approval of Fantine herself.

Ben and Danielle Marsh, along with the help of their four young, musically-inclined children, tweaked the words to the dramatic French Revolution anthem “One Day More” to turn the song into a parody about social isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Decided to include a bit of the intro so that you can see what kind of madness Danielle Marsh and I would be dealing with, if we didn’t occupy them with music making…” Ben wrote on Facebook. “Hope everyone out there is doing okay.”

The glorious and well-harmonized cover, in which the parents poke fun at the woes of being stuck at home with their two sons and two daughters, has since racked up nearly 8 million views and even garnered praise from actress Anne Hathaway, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of downtrodden prostitute Fantine in the play’s 2012 movie adaptation.

“Bravo!!!!!” Hathaway captioned a clip of the family’s performance on Instagram

Ben Marsh told the BBC that his family absolutely did not expect the overwhelmingly positive reaction the video would spark across the globe — including kind messages from ICU nurses and other hospital workers, who are working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19.

“It’s just absolutely lovely to see that positivity and people saying this has brought a smile at a moment when it’s difficult to smile,” he said. “We didn’t expect any of this to happen, but we’re just really, really chuffed.”

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