Report: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson may play tournament with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in 2018. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in 2018. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Is The Match 2.0 — Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson, once again — happening? Several reports say it’s a go, however, the PGA Tour is cautioning that such reports are “speculative.”

Several outlets are reporting that Woods and Mickelson will do battle in a sequel to Thanksgiving 2018’s much-hyped, overblown head-to-head showdown. That mess was a limp cash grab — Mickelson took the big bag, $9 million — but this one will reportedly be for charitable relief for COVID-19 efforts.

Upping the ante: this year’s Match could reportedly include two more famous names: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, who will pair off with Woods and Mickelson in some yet-undetermined fashion.

There has been no official confirmation yet, and while the PGA Tour acknowledged to Yahoo Sports that “discussions along these lines have been ongoing for quite some time,” nothing has been approved by the Tour.

“And, yes, it would have to be sanctioned by the Tour in order to take place,” the PGA Tour told Yahoo Sports. is reporting that Turner will be involved in the production, which would take place at an empty Florida course two weeks before the resumption of any league play. So if the NBA or Major League Baseball announces plans to come back at the start of June, Match 2.0 would take place in mid-May. This report suggests that the event would be on regular cable channels, not pay-per-view, with advertisers providing the revenue, not viewers.

CNBC’s report indicates the PGA Tour is involved, and announcing teams could include members of the Turner broadcast crew such as Charles Barkley.


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