Former NFL star James Harrison is staying entertained by cracking eggs — with his biceps


Former NFL star James Harrison has long been notorious for his elaborate, mind-blowing difficult workouts, but now he’s taking things to a new level.

The two-time Super Bowl champion might be stuck at home, but he’s not letting that hold back his fitness regimen. And even though he’s been retired since 2017, he’s still a freak.

Harrison was willing to prove that fact with a new video shared to his Instagram account, in which he tried to see if he can crack an egg with nothing but his bicep. Spoiler alert: He can.

The video, which has racked up nearly 250,000 views in just two days online, was just the latest in Harrison’s string of wild at-home workouts. He also recently shared a clip of him doing curls with his Super Bowl trophies.

In his caption, he claimed the current crisis had caused him to “work out with whatever I can find lying around the house.”

The five-time Pro Bowler has pulled his kids into the action. A few days before the trophy curls, Harrison shared a video of him planking with his kids. He even called out other former NFL stars, like Ike Taylor and Ryan Clark, to follow suit.

Each of Harrison’s clips drew flabbergasted reactions from fans, many of whom shared their surprise on Instagram.

“Bruh nobody asked u to be that strong,” one person commented on the egg-cracking video.

“That egg had no chance,” another added.

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