Goats take over small coastal town during lockdown: 'They know exactly what they're doing'

Nobody could have anticipated what would happen in a government-mandated lockdown, especially the residents in the coastal town of Llandudno.

Llandudno, which has a population of around 20,000 and is located on the coast of northern Wales, has been following quarantine rules — much to the delight of a herd of goats.

Resident Andrew Stuart first spotted the goat takeover on March 26, when he noticed an unusual sight outside of the pub he was isolated in.

After watching the herd travel around and munch on nearby hedges, Stuart decided to call the local police to deal with the situation and perhaps shepherd the goats back to where they came from.

Two days later, Stuart found them again. The goats seemed a little more confident now — parading around in the daylight, seeming very unconcerned that there were no humans around.

A couple of days later, Stuart tweeted: “Can’t believe I’m writing this… They’re back (again.)”

Stuart explained that the goats usually live on a headland called the Great Orme and will occasionally retreat into the town when there are high winds. However, because the streets are empty, the goats are traveling further than ever into the town, taking advantage of the lockdown.

By March 31, Stuart declared, “Llandudno is run by goats.”

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