YouTuber dunks rusty wrench in liquid, gets satisfying result

Everyone has got an old tool laying around just waiting for a makeover. It might be tempting to toss out your old rusty equipment, but one Ukrainian YouTuber shows how easily these unused objects can be salvaged. Because rust naturally occurs in metals that have been exposed to moisture and oxygen (especially in steel and iron), learning how to eliminate it is an essential to maintaining your toolbox.

In the video above, a man is able to turn a wrench — one that is so worn for wear it looks more like a relic — into one that looks brand new with some chemical cleaner and a fresh coat of paint. While the YouTuber in the video did not disclose his rust-cleaning chemicals, he most likely used vinegar and salt, which work well with large amounts of rust. He later goes the extra mile to spruce up his old wrench by adding a touch of yellow spray paint for color. In just a few easy steps, he is able to repurpose the tool and save a few bucks in the process.

To remove rust, Home Depot, in fact, recommends using a quarter cup of salt per liter of white vinegar. Simply place the tool in the mixture and let it sit. Once the rust has broken down, wipe it away with a metal brush or steel wool. Baking soda or oxalic acid — a commercial rust remover — also similarly work on rust, although a set of goggles and rubber gloves is advised when using the latter.

According to the home improvement retailer, untreated rust can corrode metal, making a tool unrepairable. The key to knowing whether to toss out a rusty object or save it is to examine whether or not there are holes in the metal. Holes are a sign that the rust has become too corrosive and the equipment is beyond repair.

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