Toy company gives a sneak peek into how it makes its top-selling dolls


The Spanish toy company, Miniland, prides itself on making sure each of its products strikes the perfect balance between educational and fun.

One of Miniland’s top-selling toys is its baby dolls, which are anatomically correct, made out of non-toxic vinyl for realistic flexibility and softness and they are even vanilla-scented so they actually smell like a newborn.

Miniland released a video outlining the process of how the company makes its authentic and lovable dolls.

First, workers must calibrate the liquid into molds of each body part. These molds will sit in a rotating furnace until finished, and an employee will pull each part out of the molds and organize the body parts into appropriate piles.

Then, a worker will put together the body of the doll. The face goes to a separate part of the plant, where someone can detail the face with aerography — a stenciling method applied with spraypaint.

Once the details are painted onto the faces, the eyes are inserted. The individual eyes are placed on a sharp piece of machinery, while the toy’s head is placed on a cone-shaped tool. The sharp piece then shoots up into the cone and injects the eyes tightly into the doll’s head with precision.

Then the dolls head over to get their hair. The hair is added via a piece of equipment that looks like a giant sewing machine.

The hair is then grafted on and styled and the heads are transferred to another part of the factory containing already-built bodies. An employee will then assemble the full doll.

While this process is going on, another employee is tailoring the outfits for the dolls. All of the clothes for Miniland’s dolls are handcrafted.

Once the dolls are dressed, they are sent to be packaged. Each doll is secured in an eco-friendly package before being placed on a conveyer belt to finally be shipped out.

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