Customer's bizarre drive-thru behavior caught on camera: 'Don't go somewhere if this is how you'll act'


A Canadian man was caught on camera dousing his coffee cup with sanitizer at a drive-through window before leaving with his order.

The clip, which went viral on Reddit, shows a customer at a Tim Hortons in London, Ontario, spritzing his to-go cup of coffee with a small bottle of cleaning fluid while sharing a brief exchange with staff.

“Somebody in another Tim Hortons in Brampton has it,” the man says as he sprays, possibly referencing an employee of the franchise’s Brampton location who recently tested positive for coronavirus, according to CBC.

“So I want you to stay away from me, no offense,” he adds.

At the end of the clip, the man removes the clean, likely damp lid from his coffee and throws it back into the restaurant, where it bounces off the drive-through counter and onto the ground.

“Sorry, thank you!” he can be heard telling employees as he drives off with his hot, lidless beverage.

Social media users were both perplexed and angered by his actions.

“God forbid he makes coffee at home,” one user wrote.

“If you don’t want other people touching your coffee, don’t ask them to make it,” said another.

“Don’t go somewhere if this is how you’ll act,” a third commented.

Duncan Fulton, chief corporate officer of Tim Hortons, responded to the incident, asking that Canadians “support each other during this stressful, uncertain moment in our history.”

“Canadians are known as thoughtful, reasonable and respectful people and now more than ever we ask everyone to demonstrate these values and show respect to those working tirelessly in the midst of the pandemic,” Fulton told the CBC, adding a thank you to “all the workers across Canada who are keeping our essential services running.”

Earlier this month, Tim Hortons announced it would close dining room seating at most locations in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, limiting service to drive-through, take-out and delivery.

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