Photographer takes amazing photos without meeting clients

Florida photographer Kareem Virgo seems to have perfected the art of the virtual photoshoot. During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing measures are important to staying safe. Unfortunately, that means thousands of public-facing businesses have had to shut down.

For photographers like Virgo, that means finding innovative ways to offer their services without putting themselves or their clients at risk.

“My wife and I were thinking of creative ways to bring some positivity to people during this time. Honestly, after seeing DJ D-Nice host live Instagram parties, it helped us to get our minds working,” Virgo told the Shade Room. “My wife came up with the idea of using the FaceTime photo feature and posing people as we do during our in-person photoshoots. We asked some friends if we could test it on them and, to our surprise, it not only worked, but it was a lot of fun!”

Virgo has figured out how to direct his clients over video calls. He puts them in poses and gets them to take the perfect snapshot. Afterwards, he uses his expertise to edit simple phone photos into professional-looking images. Given how stressful the current crisis is, this new photography method is sure to be a hit. The virtual shoots allow people to support a local business while temporarily taking their minds off a global issue .

According to Virgo, the virtual shoots have created an opportunity for clients all over the world to work with him since the shoots can be done at any location. It’s a way for the photographer, who traditionally is just a few feet away from the subjects, to defy space and time.

“We are remaining positive and hopeful that we will bounce back from this when it is all over,” Virgo said. “In the meantime, we love the opportunity to still connect with people through our virtual photoshoots.”

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