‘Listen up, dips**ts’: Kentucky mayor rips people ignoring coronavirus warnings


A Kentucky mayor is going viral for an exasperated Facebook post in which he didn’t mince words about people who aren’t following restrictions meant to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Listen up dipshits and sensible people,” wrote Mayor Gabe Brown of Walton, Kentucky. “I might not put you at ease like the Governor does, but I don’t care. You need to realize that this is a serious ordeal. In fact, it’s a big f**cking deal. Stay at home.”

He warned people skeptical of the threat to treat it seriously ― noting that lives are on the line.

“If you ignore this problem, the worst thing that could happen is that your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles could die,” he warned. “Be responsible. If you don’t, then screw you.”

In a separate post on his Facebook page, Brown linked to a story about hundreds of people gathering on the streets of Louisville, about 80 miles away.

“Dipshits,” he wrote.

And in another post, he offered to act as “anger translator” for Gov. Andy Beshear, who was ticked off over reports of people defying the state’s guidelines to hold “coronavirus parties.”

At least one person got sick at one of those parties, Beshear said.

Read Brown’s full message below:

Gabe Brown
Gabe Brown
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