Woman goes grocery shopping inside giant bubble: 'Someone just pop it'

This grocery store customer really took “social distancing” to a new level.

An unidentified woman went out for what appeared to be an incredibly average trip to the supermarket on March 23 — minus one crucial detail. The shopper, captured on video in Herne Bay, England, spent the entire journey inside a gigantic bubble.

The contraption, officially called a zorb ball, is a life-sized, inflatable sphere typically used in extreme sports like “zorb football” and “water zorbing.”

But this customer decided to use the ball to keep her distance from others while out around town. She even brought along a “carer” who grabbed groceries for her as she moved through the store, according to the Sun.

“She’s self-isolating. She’s really germaphobic,” the carer told strangers in the supermarket.

The incident, which was possibly a prank, ended with the woman getting her zorb ball stuck in the canned goods aisle. Shortly after, she was escorted out of the store by a staff member.

Videos of the surreal outing quickly went viral on social media, with users sharing all sorts of thoughts about the woman’s decision.

“Someone just pop it,” one person joked.

“She’s more of a hazard…silly woman wanting attention,” another wrote.

“Just someone desperately trying to get their 15 seconds of internet fame,” another suggested.

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