Watch foster puppies roam free through an empty aquarium


The Georgia Aquarium, like many others, is closed to the public for the foreseeable future due to coronavirus restrictions. That didn’t stop some very special guests from arriving for a tour.

Two foster puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society visited the aquarium, scampering around the underwater tunnel and exploring a gallery.

The dogs, siblings Carmel and Odie, are about eight weeks old and some kind of terrier mix, Christina Hill with the Atlanta Humane Society told CNN.

The puppies weren’t overly interested in the fish and other species, but focused on playing with each other and sniffing various air conditioning vents before curling up for a nap.

Most fish weren’t bothered either, but one grouper did swim up to investigate the unexpected guests.

Carmel and Odie are currently living with a foster family and are not yet available for adoption, Hill told CNN, but the website lists other animals who are.

Keep up with other animals in quarantine by tuning in to one of the many live webcams the Georgia Aquarium has running for piranhas, sea lions, jellyfish and more.

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