FedEx worker discovers powerful message during home delivery: ‘Take anything you want’

A FedEx worker is sharing the “thoughtful” message they discovered during a stressful time for delivery drivers.

The unnamed delivery worker, who shared the moment on Instagram, encountered the heartwarming gesture while making deliveries in Glendale, Ariz.

According to the post, a FedEx customer had left behind a “care package” full of water, canned goods, Gatorade and, crucially, toilet paper. The customer also wrote a note across the box, telling any and all delivery workers to take as much as they needed.

“Thank you for being committed to the human race, we are depending on you! Take anything you want!” the message read, adding that each item had been sanitized.

It was a message that seemed to affect the FedEx driver who shared it, as their post contained a long caption praising the care package.

“WE NEED MORE OF THIS!” the caption begins. “So thoughtful. So caring. In a time when people are panicking and hoarding everything for no really good reason, these people are willingly giving it away.”

The driver went on to add that they did not take any of the supplies because they “didn’t need anything.”

“That’s how we also need to be,” the driver wrote, seemingly referring to shortages in grocery stores nationwide.

The post sparked a wave of heartfelt comments, with Instagram users praising the customers’ sense of concern.

“This is awesome! Some people get it, some don’t and the person/people that put this together definitely do,” one user wrote.

“Yay Arizona! We’ve seen sad things but also great gestures like this one, that make us hopeful and grateful again,” another added.

Other users shared personal stories about delivery drivers that emphasized just how powerful the gesture was.

“My son is a FedEx express courier in Richmond VA and this would be such a positive experience,” one user commented. “They are out there every day going to 50 to 70 stops with only a bottle of hand sanitizer.”

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