Fast-food giant cuts nurse a break: 'Finally, humanity!'

A nurse in AbuDhabi ordered McDonald’s to the hospital she was working at without knowing she was in for a sweet surprise.

Inside of the delivery was a typed note from the McDonald’s saying that they noticed the order was coming from a hospital address, so they weren’t going to charge her for the meal.

The gesture trended on the front page of Reddit as more and more healthcare workers continue to work crazy hours.

“This is the show of humanity the world needs right now,” one commenter replied to the post.

“Finally, humanity! Thank you McDonald’s!” wrote another.

It’s a bit of positive news for the fast-food giant — especially since it was recently under fire for an attempt to “separate” the Golden Arches in a logo redesign in Brazil that erupted in online backlash for being an insincere attempt to address the pandemic.

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