Trump responds to Mitt Romney testing negative for the coronavirus

  • Sen. Mitt Romney announced Tuesday that he had tested negative for the coronavirus.

  • President Donald Trump responded to the news on Twitter, saying "I am so happy I can barely speak."

  • But he went on to criticize Romney's political career and called him a "RINO" — which means "Republican in name only."

  • Trump and Romney have long had a strained relationship, which exacerbated after the Utah senator broke ranks to convict Trump of one impeachment charge last month.

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In a confusing tweet, President Donald Trump said he's "so happy I can barely speak" after learning that Sen. Mitt Romney has tested negative for the coronavirus, before going on to trash his political career.

The Utah senator, 73, tweeted Tuesday that he had tested negative for COVID-19 after coming into contact with another senator who has the virus. Nonetheless, he said he is taking every precaution and will remain isolated for a two-week period.

Trump responded on Wednesday, tweeting that "this is really great news!" and "I am so happy I can barely speak."

But he went on to trash Romney's career, saying he was a "terrible presidential candidate and an even worse U.S. Senator."

He called him a "RINO" — a "Republican in name only" — but said "I like him a lot!"

Trump and Romney have a well-documented dislike for one another. When Romney said he was going into isolation on Sunday, Trump commented "Gee, that's too bad."

When Trump was first running for president in 2016, Romney held a press conference calling on Republicans to tactically vote for other candidates to give Trump as little chance of winning the party's nomination.

And during Trump's Senate impeachment trial last month, Romney was the only Republican to break ranks and vote to convict the president for abuse of power.

Trump has called Romney a "pompous 'a--,'"a "low life," and a "Democratic secret asset."

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