Bruce Arians had a hilarious response to a question about coaching Tom Brady


Three years ago, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians wasn’t even in football. When the 2020 NFL season begins, Arians will be coaching the best quarterback of all time. That would be Tom Brady, of course.

It’s quite the change for the 67-year-old Arians, who “retired” following the 2017 season. To go from retirement to Brady in that span is pretty unbelievable. The absurdity of the situation isn’t lost on Arians, who gave a hilarious response when asked how he would have reacted if someone told him during retirement that he’d be coaching Brady just a few years later.

Honestly, that’s not a ridiculous response. Three years ago, it seemed impossible Brady would ever play for another franchise. He was synonymous with the New England Patriots. Surely the Pats would either keep Brady around forever, or Brady would retire before playing for anyone else.

What seemed impossible years ago actually happened. Arians didn’t stay retired for long, joining the Bucs in 2019. Then Brady decided to sign with the Bucs after parting ways with the Pats.

No one could have seen that coming three years ago. If they did, you would have assumed they had Biff’s sports almanac from “Back to the Future.”

Now that Arians and the Bucs have Brady under center, they should be a better team in 2020. Perhaps adding the best quarterback ever will finally propel Arians to a Super Bowl title as a head coach.

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