Teens coughed near grocery store produce for video, Virginia police say

Kids these days.

A Harris Teeter grocery store in Virginia threw out hundreds of dollars worth of produce and called the police after two teens filmed themselves coughing near customers and produce as a prank.

After reviewing surveillance footage to identify the teens, the Purcellville Police Department interviewed them and the teens admitted to getting close to other patrons and coughing into their own sleeves, according to Lieutenant Barry A. Dufek.

“It appears they were trying to do it as a practical joke and a prank,” said Dufek.

A review of the footage determined no customers or produce were spit or coughed on directly and therefore there was no criminal intent behind the teens’ actions. Police decided against pursuing charges to instead educate the teens and their parents on the severity of the situation, Dufek said.

“We still ask that parents continue to monitor their children’s activities, including social media viewing and posting, and to discourage the promotion of any such fear-inducing behavior,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Dufek said the video resembled other incidents involving pranks at grocery stores, including on where a woman licked a tub of ice cream in a viral video which inspired several copycats and have led to multiple arrests.