Florida woman accused of assault also coughed in paramedic's face: Police

Florida woman accused of assault also coughed in paramedic's face: Police

A Florida woman accused of assaulting her boyfriend also allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” and then coughed in the face of a paramedic.

LaDonald Shakkie Holmes, 38, was arrested on March 18 after officers for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence call in Lady Lake.

Holmes’ boyfriend told officers that she had broken his nose after he declined to have sex with her, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The report said Holmes is a black belt in martial arts and allegedly “roundhouse kicked” her boyfriend in the nose and then punched him, according to local news website Villages-News.com. He then left the house and called 911.

Holmes was in bed when deputies arrived on the scene and thwarted their attempts to arrest her by repeatedly falling to the ground. Concerned that she might be suffering a medical episode, the officers summoned paramedics to the scene.

When the paramedics attempted to secure Holmes to a stretcher, she allegedly coughed in the face of one EMT and shouted, “I have the coronavirus.”

The report said “copious amounts of saliva” exited Holmes’ mouth and landed on the paramedic’s face.

Holmes was then taken to a local hospital for evaluation, though the probable cause affidavit does not say if she did have the coronavirus. The report also does not mention if the paramedic received an evaluation for the possible health risk.

Holmes was charged with two felony counts: domestic battery and battery on a paramedic.

Jail records show she was released on Thursday after posting a $7,000 bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned on April 13.

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