Trump says he's activated National Guard in New York, California and Washington state

President Donald Trump on Sunday announced he would activate the federal National Guard to assist Washington, California and New York, three of the states hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that those three states have either been approved or will soon be approved for major disaster declarations to allow the federal government to more seamlessly provide supplies.

Trump said there are large quantities of masks, respirators, gowns, face shields and other items currently en route to those three states, due to arrive within days. He added that he has ordered the government to set up large federal medical stations in each of the states.

Of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Trump said "the relationship has really been amazing," adding that he believes the federal government should serve as "sort of a backup for the states."

"The ones that don't do as well need more help," he said, adding, "They are hit very hard."

He also pledged that victory over the novel coronavirus will happen "much sooner" than first expected.

The Sunday evening announcement came as governors clamored for more assistance from the federal government in combating COVID-19, which is expanding its reach across both the U.S. and the world. Much of the United States is now under some level of economic shutdown.

States like New York and California have already activated their state's National Guard.