Man creates homemade treadmill amid self-isolation: 'The gyms are closed…'


No gym? No problem.

Joe Schwarcz, director of the McGill Office for Science and Society (OSS) in Montreal, Quebec, shared a video of an unidentified man’s MacGyvered version of a treadmill after his gym was closed down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a now-viral Facebook post, the man demonstrated the homemade piece of equipment, which is actually just dish soap and water he squirted on his kitchen floor before running in place on the slippery substance.

“The gyms are closed…so… here we go!” Schwarcz captioned the video, which has been viewed over 13 million times.

The comical video has since racked up over 430,000 shares and 94,000 comments from people both amused and impressed by the man’s resourcefulness.

“That gave me a good laugh!” one woman wrote.

“This is a sterling idea,” joked another. “We can take bets on who can knock themselves out the fastest…”

“Might have to set this up soon,” wrote a third.

For those looking to get in a good home workout without making a mess, here is a handy list of household items that can be turned into weights in a pinch.

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