Katrina commander rips Trump's 'slow and not decisive' coronavirus response

The Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been slammed as “slow and not decisive” by the retired lieutenant general who righted the initially-dismal federal recovery effort following Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s hard to get the speed you need to save lives if you’re slow at making decisions and you’re not decisive,” Russel Honoré said on MSNBC Tuesday.

Honoré acknowledged “we are facing an invisible enemy” with the virus that has now sickened almost 200,000 people worldwide and said “we’re not quite sure how bad it is, so in that regard, the things they have to do is going to be a little bit harder.”

But he then questioned why members of President Donald Trump’s government ― who have faced widespread criticism over its haphazard handling of the crisis ― had not been using models “we’ve been having for years that would show from day one, patient number one out in Washington, in 30 days, the projected number of people that might be infected.”

“They also could have done better and can do better,” he added.

Check out the clip here:

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
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