Woman to stand trial following incident with cop at McDonald's drive thru

A former McDonald’s worker in California is being ordered to stand trial after an incident in November 2019 where the employee was accused of tampering with a customer’s food.

According to court documents, Tatyana Hargrove reportedly rubbed a hamburger bun on the floor before spitting on it, as she prepared an order for a Bakersfield police officer.

A testimony said that Hargrove knew the burger was going to be served to an officer in the drive-thru and shouted “Black lives matter, (expletive) the pigs!”

While the Black Lives Matter group has not formally addressed Hargrove's statement, their mission states, "We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another."

Hargrove’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Lexi Blythe, says that there was not enough evidence for a full felony charge against Hargrove. For the case to have been deemed appropriate for a felony charge, Hargrove would have had to willfully try to use harmful substances to poison the food.

But, Blythe argues, because it’s unknown when the last time cleaning products were used on the floors, it cannot be argued that Hargrove was intentionally trying to hurt the officer.

However, another McDonald’s employee told the prosecutor of the case that they heard Hargrove force herself to hack up saliva as she prepared the order.

The officer reportedly said he did not feel sick from eating the burger nor did he go to a hospital after.

Hargrove is due in court on March 23.

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